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Easy Grails hosting

I started a new Grails-based project, and went out looking for an easy to set up Grails hosting option. I currently have a virtual server hosted with Rackspace (originally Slicehost). For a couple reasons, I want to keep this new … Continue reading

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Making Eclipse run configurations portable

I’m using Eclipse, GWT, and Maven on a couple projects, and have several customized Eclipse run configurations I use. There’s a bit of work and specific settings required to make these work well, and they have to be set up … Continue reading

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Sculptor lately

The latest version, 2.1.0, of Sculptor came out and it has some great features including JPA 2.0 support, custom finder methods generated from the DSL, and a fluent domain object builders feature I contributed. Other than the builders feature, I … Continue reading

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Java multiple dispatch / multimethod libraries

Multiple dispatch (aka multimethods) is a method dispatch feature of some languages whereby the method that is dispatched to is based on the runtime type of the method arguments, not just the runtime type of the class being called (single … Continue reading

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Web and mobile UI wireframes

People think visually. A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes. We’ve recently been using Balsamiq to put together wireframes we use to work out user experience concepts, and to work with stakeholders. Balsamiq is an Adobe … Continue reading

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Customizing Sculptor to generate Groovy classes

I’ve been using the Sculptor DSL/tool to build Java EE applications based on DDD and EDA principles. This has worked out great, and Sculptor allows me to express the intent at a higher level and more succinctly than I could … Continue reading

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Fornax Sculptor DSL tool: Switching an existing app to MongoDB

Fornax Sculptor is a DSL, Eclipse-based editor, and set of code generators used to build Java/JEE applications.  You define your model and other parts of your application in the Sculptor textual DSL, and the Sculptor model transformations and code generators … Continue reading

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ActiveJDBC: an implementation of the Active Record pattern for Java

Igor Polevoy, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with on a couple projects, has just posted his ActiveJDBC project to Google code.  If you work on Java applications that access relational databases, you owe it to yourself to check it … Continue reading

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Using Scala for something I’d normally using a “scripting” language for

From time to time, some repetitive task comes up that I can do quicker by writing a script to do it than to do it manually. Especially if it’s something I may be needing to do again in the future. … Continue reading

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New change management tool: Redmine

I was starting a new project, needed a change management tool, and wasn’t really satisfied with the tools available last time I looked, so I took a look at what was currently available.  One option I came across that hadn’t … Continue reading

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