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Apache Spark Experiments

I’m in the process of learning Apache Spark for processing and transforming large data sets, as well as machine learning. As I dig into different facets of Spark, I’m compiling notes and experiments in a series of Jupyter notebooks. I … Continue reading

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pyAntTasks moved to Mercurial

I’ve started using the Mercurial version control system lately and switched over some projects over to it from Subversion. Since Google Code doesn’t yet support hosting Mercurial repositories, pyAntTasks has stayed on Subversion. Until now that is – I set … Continue reading

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pyAntTasks moved to Google code

pyAntTasks is a set of Apache Ant tasks to work with Python code I created a while back. Debedb has added a py-cover task to report on code coverage. I recently moved pyAntTasks over to Google code for hosting so … Continue reading

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