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Profiling Maven Sculptor execution using YourKit

The latest version of the Sculptor Generator is based on XTend 2, which is compiled to Java/Bytescode rather than interpreted as XTend1 and XPand was. This should bring large performance improvements to the code generation cycle, and it certainly feels … Continue reading

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XText2: Starting a project for a GWT GUI DSL

This is the first in a series of posts where I’ll explore XText2 by porting an existing XText1-based DSL to XText2. The DSL to be ported is a GUI-description language based on the Sculptor DSL that generates Google Web Toolkit … Continue reading

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Java multiple dispatch / multimethod libraries

Multiple dispatch (aka multimethods) is a method dispatch feature of some languages whereby the method that is dispatched to is based on the runtime type of the method arguments, not just the runtime type of the class being called (single … Continue reading

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ActiveJDBC: an implementation of the Active Record pattern for Java

Igor Polevoy, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with on a couple projects, has just posted his ActiveJDBC project to Google code.  If you work on Java applications that access relational databases, you owe it to yourself to check it … Continue reading

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Maven and skinny wars

Maven is a great build system, but sometimes limitations come up that can drive you crazy.  One such limitation is support for building “skinny war” files.  Granted, I don’t think it’s the most common configuration, but for certain types of … Continue reading

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JSR 303 & Hibernate validation framework

I was recently looking for a validation framework, and came across the work that has been done lately for JSR 303 (latest version of the spec here). JSR 303 defines a standard meta-data model and API for validation of JavaBeans/POJOs. … Continue reading

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MyFaces and JBoss built-in implementation

I’m working on a WebSphere-based application, and need to get it running on my Mac. RAD isn’t available for the Mac, and even if it was, it’s so far behind in Eclipse revisions that I can’t use most of the … Continue reading

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Handy Java utility: jarexplorer

Wanted to give kudos to a handy little Java utility I started using: jarexplorer. It’s a Swing-based app that indexes the contents of jar files found in an entire directory structure, and lets you search for classes and files within … Continue reading

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