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XText2: Starting a project for a GWT GUI DSL

This is the first in a series of posts where I’ll explore XText2 by porting an existing XText1-based DSL to XText2. The DSL to be ported is a GUI-description language based on the Sculptor DSL that generates Google Web Toolkit … Continue reading

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What MDA needs: a user’s perspective

One of my areas of interest in software development is model driven architecture and model driven software development. I’ve successfully applied MDA to software projects and have seen the benefits first hand. Although MDA/MDSD tools and techniques can bring several … Continue reading

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AndroMDA: customizing code generation templates

AndroMDA is a model driven architecture tool. Model driven architecture tools generate code based on UML models, which UML tools such as Rational Rose have been doing for a long time. The main differences between MDA tools and UML tools … Continue reading

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