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Apache Spark Experiments

I’m in the process of learning Apache Spark for processing and transforming large data sets, as well as machine learning. As I dig into different facets of Spark, I’m compiling notes and experiments in a series of Jupyter notebooks. I … Continue reading

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Using Scala for something I’d normally using a “scripting” language for

From time to time, some repetitive task comes up that I can do quicker by writing a script to do it than to do it manually. Especially if it’s something I may be needing to do again in the future. … Continue reading

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Scala, Maven and IntelliJ

I’m evaluating Scala for a project I’ve recently started.  The project requires processing a large number of data structures.  Between Scala’s good support for parallelism and functional programming, it seems like a good fit.  I’ve heard Scala brings many of … Continue reading

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