OpenID, Yahoo, and other news

Recent OpenID developments…

At the end of this month, Yahoo will be supporting OpenID. Any Yahoo user that chooses to enable the feature will be able to use their Yahoo ID on sites that support OpenID. The announcement doesn’t mention Yahoo accepting OpenIDs from other providers, so this is probably only one-way for now. So put together the population of Yahoo users which are now getting OpenID support, and AOL users, which have had it for a while, and you have a pretty large chunk of the web population that have OpenIDs (once they enable them anyways). Now we need more websites to accept OpenIDs from other providers.

I’m waiting for Acegi to support OpenID so I can build support into a webapp I’m working on. Looks like there’s been some recent progress on that front.

Another OpenID related, if a bit old, tidbit – MyOpenId now supports Information Card as a means to authenticate with MyOpenID. So when prompted to authenticate to MyOpenID, you can present an Information Card and authenticate without using a username or password at all.

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